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Content, it’s also a working hypothesis Almost first of all, when starting a thesis, you should write: 1) a title, 2) an introduction and 3) content, which means the first and last pages, that is, the ones that the writers always leave at the end This advice sounds paradoxical. How to start with the last sheet? But who said that the content must be written under the curtain! There are books where the content is at the beginning, so the reader immediately gets an idea of ​​what awaits him. In other words, it is useful to develop a content hypothesis in order to limit the field of activity from the very beginning.

It will be objected that as the work progresses, the hypothesis-content will change many times, and maybe it will take on a completely different configuration. Sure! But you will successfully work it out if you have something to recycle. Imagine that you are going to travel a thousand kilometers by car and you have a week to do so. Even if you are on vacation, you will not go from home to any arbitrary side. You outline a rough plan. For example, take the Milan-Naples motorway (“The Autostrada Sun”) and go south with overnight stays in Florence, Siena, Arezzo, a longer halt in Rome and a stop at Montecassino. Of course, it may turn out that when you get to Arezzo, you will like to turn into Urbino, Perugia, Assisi, Gubbio. This will mean that for some serious reasons you have changed the route to half way.

But in order to change, you had to have something to change, that is, to have a route. 125 The same is your graduation thesis. Schedule yourself a work plan. This plan must take the form of a reference index. Best of all, if the index is essentially content, that is, a short summary will be written under the title of each chapter. Moving along this road, you will clarify more easily and better for yourself what you intend to do. In addition, an articulate prospectus will be built up to show the supervisor. And besides, you yourself will understand how clear your ideas are. Some ideas seem convincing, as long as they are in my head, but as soon as you start writing, everything spreads out at hand. You can have a clear idea of ​​where to begin and on what to finish, and yet it turns out that it is not known how to come from this beginning to this end and what should stand in the middle. Thesis, as a chess game, consists of many moves, but you must anticipate the main moves and combinations leading to check and checkmate, otherwise check and check will be announced not by you, but by you. Roughly speaking, the work plan consists of the title, introduction andcontent. Successful title contains the whole concept.

This is not at all about the title, which is deposited in the dean’s office many months before the defense and which is almost always so general that it leaves endless space for alterations. I mean that “true” title of the diploma, which usually appears in the subtitle. The diploma may have a “common” title “Attempt on Palmiro Togliatti in reflecting radio radio news”, but the true theme (and therefore subtitle) will read: “A comparative and informative analysis of radio programs aimed at identifying a hidden trend when broadcasting by means of Gino Bartali’s victory the Tour de France cycling race in order to divert public opinion from a major political event. This means that, outlining the area of ​​interest, it identified a specific sector. It focuses on the problem of work, that is: how did the radio station covered the victory of cyclist Gino Bartali, constantly trying to divert public attention from the attempt on Togliatti? And how can one discover this underlying intention by examining the contents of radio broadcasts? So the title is enlarged to the problem and forms the core of the work plan.