College applicant essay

The text should be written correctly, without spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors. Sadly, we have to talk about it separately.

By the way, the word “university” is written in small letters (see any handbook of Rosenthal, paragraph 27, paragraph 3-b). In the name of the university, only the first letter – the title: Moscow State University. And according to this model, the name of any university (Rosenthal, paragraph 22, paragraph 6) is written, regardless of what the university administration thinks or the creators of university websites. No need to abbreviate the names of their universities (SSU – Saratov? Samara? Stavropol? Sterlitamak? Solovetsky? Solikamsky? Most-most? ..). It is not necessary to write the “official” name: GOU VPO PPKS ABCD “Paris Academy of Horticulture” looks strange.