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Content, it’s also a working hypothesis Almost first of all, when starting a thesis, you should write: 1) a title, 2) an introduction and 3) content, which means the first and last pages, that is, the ones that the writers always leave at the end This advice sounds paradoxical. How to start with the last sheet? But who said that the content must be written under the curtain! There are books where the content is at the beginning, so the reader immediately gets an idea of ​​what awaits him. In other words, it is useful to develop a content hypothesis in order to limit the field of activity from the very beginning.

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Outline of secondary sources Among all types of cards, the most common, they are also the most necessary these are note cards. They contain a short summary, key points for quoting are written out, your opinion on the book is summarized, and your parallel ideas and ideas for a possible comparison ofthis material with material from other sources are summarized. Thus, the outline of the card is very different from the bibliographic card described insection III.2.2. Bibliographic gives only information for finding the source, and the abstract map is a concentrated knowledge of the source and, therefore, should be much larger. Use large boxes, approximately a notepad page or a sheet of paper. Well, if it is just cardboard, in any case, dense sheets that can be inserted into a box or stacked, dragging with an elastic band.

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The text should be written correctly, without spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors. Sadly, we have to talk about it separately.

By the way, the word “university” is written in small letters (see any handbook of Rosenthal, paragraph 27, paragraph 3-b). In the name of the university, only the first letter – the title: Moscow State University. And according to this model, the name of any university (Rosenthal, paragraph 22, paragraph 6) is written, regardless of what the university administration thinks or the creators of university websites. No need to abbreviate the names of their universities (SSU – Saratov? Samara? Stavropol? Sterlitamak? Solovetsky? Solikamsky? Most-most? ..). It is not necessary to write the “official” name: GOU VPO PPKS ABCD “Paris Academy of Horticulture” looks strange.

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HOW TO WRITE A TEXT who do you contact Who is your text addressed to? Leader? All students scientists who come in contact with him afterwards? Ordinary untrained person? Will it be a book for the general public or a message for members of the academic council? Ponder these questions. This will determine the form of presentation and the degree of logical distinctness in your head. There is an erroneous idea: it is accepted to think that a popularizing text, where everything is explained, so that everyone can understand, requires less qualification than a special scientific report, full of formulas that only a select few can understand. This is not true.

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The text of the work should be clearly structured, the provisions – supported by examples, examples – their analysis. Do not abuse the examples: 1-2 is enough for each position.

The reasoning should be logical. You can not jump from topic to topic, lyrical digressions are unacceptable.